E-health or electronic health is the use of ICTs to support health and its related fields like health care services, health monitoring, health education, research, etc. E-health is also used to deliver clinical and health-care services and to improve access, quality and cost efficiency of health-care at the local, regional and global level.

Users interested in becoming familiar with the concept of e-health, its services and opportunities or to know how to use ICTs to meet their health-care needs can learn more through this training.

This user-friendly flash animated presentation uses easy-to-understand words rather than highly complex technical terminology, and provides basic information on the topic, demonstrating the practical use of e-health and identifying best practices. The goal is to enable trainees to become familiar with e-commerce through a 15-minute exercise.

The self-learning training material includes a short quiz for users to validate the information and knowledge acquired.

The training presentation and quiz is available in English and Spanish.

For any additional information regarding these applications you can also contact directly the developer of the training materials:

Ing. René Cabrera
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