4.3.4 Distribution timetable

If the decision is taken to scale-up the program to incorporate the whole country, a timetable will be needed, since not all the devices can be distributed simultaneously. In Uruguay, LCCDs were distributed:

  • First, to a pilot school in one province,
  • Second, to all the schools in the same province, then
  • Third, to all schools nationwide except for the capital, and finally
  • Fourth, to the capital (see figure below).

The process will take approximately three years, but it will ensure that less-privileged schools outside the capital receive LCCDs first. In Brazil, the current phase of the LCCD program calls for distributing 150,000 LCCDs to 10 schools in each of its 27 provinces as well as five municipalities.

Figure 4-2: Sequencing LCCD Distribution in Uruguay

Note: Departments are the top level administrative unit in Uruguay, equivalent to a province or state. There are 19 departments in Uruguay.
Source: Plan Ceibal.

Another concern might be to prevent LCCDs from being distributed only to the most privileged elements of the population. Most of the trials and deployments to date, however, have adopted a conscious policy of distributing to public (rather than private) schools, generally outside urban areas. In order to avoid allegations of favoritism or corruption, the rationale and plan for LCCD distribution should be documented and made publicly available.

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