Demand generation

In recent years, some countries have developed policies or plans related to broadband that include demand generation components intended to spur interest in broadband connectivity. Such programmes and policies often include approaches to support improved access to LCCDs. An important component of such efforts is political support from government ministries that are responsible for education, telecommunications, and human resource development.

For example, as part of legislation addressing universal broadband coverage, the Dominican Republic included financing mechanisms necessary for the acquisition and installation of computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), smartphones, and other devices that provide access to a broadband connection. 162 Colombia’s plan, Vive Digital, also addresses device cost issues by eliminating customs tariffs and making access to credit for the acquisition of terminals more flexible. 163

162 San Román, Edwin. 2009. “Bringing Broadband Access to Rural Areas: A Step by Step Approach for Regulators, Policymakers, and Universal Access Program Administrators; The Experience of the Dominican Republic.” Paper prepared for the “Ninth Global Symposium for Regulators,” Beirut, November 10–12, 2009, available at http://www.itu.int/ITU-D/treg/Events/Seminars/GSR/GSR09/doc/GSR09_Backgound-paper_UAS-broadband-DR-web.pdf .

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