4.2.5 Volunteers

Although volunteers do not usually provide direct funding, they can indirectly help defray training and logistical costs by providing free and often skilled labor. Volunteers have been used in various LCCD projects, particularly to assist with training activities.

In Uruguay, volunteers are organized under the Support Network of the Plan Ceibal (Red De Apoyo al Plan Ceibal or RAP CEIBAL). 154 University students, professionals and retirees from all over the country participate in local groups that offer assistance in areas such as equipment delivery, training children in using the LCCDs, developing learning exercises for students and parents and researching technical issues.

OLPC has an OLPCorps Africa project, whereby 30 college students have been trained to provide technical support for OLPC pilots throughout Africa. After a 10-day orientation course in Rwanda, volunteers were sent in teams of two to different African countries for up to 10 weeks. They were provided with 100 xo-1 laptops for deployment and USD 10,000 to cover costs. OLPC also organized an internship program for college students to work with local personnel in Peru and Uruguay, where they help to implement LCCD programs. 155

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