3.4.4 Monitoring

The purpose of most pilots is to test the suitability of a particular LCCD for the learning environment. So it is vital to establish a monitoring and evaluation process. This involves testing students prior to the introduction of the devices, and then later evaluating the impact of the devices on the students’ learning. The evaluation should also include testing the suitability of the LCCD, as well as the utility of the supporting infrastructure and environment.

Costs for evaluation might include the monetary compensation for personnel to carry out the evaluation, as well as the development of “before” and “after” tests. Monitoring and evaluation costs vary by country, depending on the detail and complexity of the evaluation. In Haiti, 3.9 per cent of project costs were set aside for monitoring and evaluating the project. Part of the evaluation in Haiti was based on a standardized test administered by UNESCO throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

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