3.3.1 Teachers

Teacher training involves a number of steps, which are generally sequenced. The initial group to receive LCCDs requires training in integrating the LCCD in the classroom environment and routine trouble-shooting and maintenance. Those teachers, in turn, generally pass their experience on to the next group to receive LCCDs.

The LCCD project plan for Paraguay, for example, illustrates how the “training the trainers” scheme is used. Four consultants were hired to train 20 teacher trainers who in turn will train the 146 teachers from the participating schools. 123

Training programs and materials continue to evolve, with vendors and sponsors increasingly integrating training with their marketing and outreach efforts. Intel, for example, offers face-to-face, online and hybrid options to train educators on the use of technology in the classroom, among other topics. 124 Intel’s resources are offered in 24 languages, and through partnerships with government ministries and teacher education institutions, the company has reached more than 9 million teachers in 60 countries since 1999. In addition, Intel offers “Teacher PC” reference designs that are meant to meet teachers’ needs, including access to content, professional development and digital literacy resources. 125 On a much smaller scale -- but tightly integrated with its pilot projects -- Worldreader provides training materials for project managers and teachers, including material on how to train students and, if appropriate, how to introduce the project to the larger community.

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