3.1.2 Additional hardware components

The LCCDs described in Section 2 are ready to use as-is and come with a number of features that may include Wi-Fi network capability, integrated cameras and microphones. Additional components for the LCCDs might be needed, depending on what each country or community deems necessary. These primarily revolve around storage, connectivity and peripherals.

  • Storage : Most LCCDs used for education come with flash memory-based storage rather than hard disks. The storage capacity varies. If the storage is deemed insufficient, then the cost of obtaining additional higher capacity would need to be factored into the unit cost. Extra storage could also be supported through a school server.
  • Connectivity : All of the LCCDs come with Wi-Fi connectivity and/or mobile network connections. However, in order to connect Wi-Fi-only devices to the Internet, access points need to be provided. 94 This is discussed under servers below. In addition, most LCCDs do not include Bluetooth connectivity, so if that is deemed important, then the cost of Bluetooth adapters would need to be included.
  • Peripherals : Printers and scanners might also be needed.

The table below provides some indicative prices for additional hardware that might be needed.

Table 3-3: Prices for additional hardware



Price (USD)

Bluetooth adapter

Bluetooth USB 2.0 Micro Adapter Dongle


USB Flash Drive

SanDisk Cruzer 4/8/16



Canon PIXMA MG2120 all-in-one Printer


Note: Lowest price brands (excluding tax) for each product according to Amazon USA (accessed October 2012).

94 In the case of devices with mobile network connectivity, a subscription may be required (or a user can pre-pay), although this is not a hardware item.

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