ANNEX 2.5.5 Teacher Training and Support

Teachers will need to be acquainted with ICT integration and trained in basic ICT use, including word processing, spreadsheets and the use of the Internet, including social media. The Ministry of Education will generally be responsible for the training of ICT instructors, who will, in turn, train teachers and administrators.

Teachers and heads of departments from pilot schools should be expected to help train colleagues at schools that are connected in a later phase. In addition to training in techniques relating to the integration of ICTs into education, teachers should also be expected to have the necessary knowledge to guide students in surfing the Internet and understanding Internet issues.

Schools should also allow children to share experiences online and give them opportunities to show teachers and parents what they know. Teachers and parents also need to be trained and supported so that they can educate students and children about Internet safety. Government organizations, volunteer organizations and schools can provide training and support.

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