6.7 India

Digital learning solutions are making significant inroads into India. The government of the state of Punjab recently announced the development of 795 new computer labs in government schools across the state as part of Phase V and VI of a centrally sponsored ICT scheme in Punjab. During the first four phases, the government focused on enhancing ICT education in schools through new classes and curriculum and training teachers in effective use of ICT tools in teaching. ICT-enabled schools in Punjab have also been given access to power generators and broadband Internet connections to facilitate implementation of state-wide school management of information systems (MISs) and geographic information systems (GISs), which are under development.

Similarly, the government of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh has awarded a contract to implement next-generation solutions for teaching and learning in 1,471 schools across 12 districts in the state. The project is worth INR 1.57 billion (USD 29.62 million), and will provide computer-aided learning solutions to schools across Himachal Pradesh. The schools involved in the project will acquire digital classrooms equipped with interactive white boards and multimedia content. The project will help 618 government senior secondary schools, 848 government high schools and five “smart schools” in the state. In addition, 7,500 teachers will receive training to understand and use these technology solutions and to facilitate ICT education of their students.231

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