Other funding sources

Though not as common or significant as the funding sources listed above, there are other sources of funding available. In some cases, they offer in-kind or volunteer resources that, while not covering connectivity costs, help to defray associated expenses such as training or support.

Parents are an important source of funding. In private schools the tuition fees they pay help to defray costs associated with school connectivity if these expenses are included in the tuition. Parents can also be approached to contribute to special fund raising drives for school connectivity.

The transfer of skills through academic networking is another source of help. For example educational experts from Estonia are working with counterparts in the country of Georgia to transfer their know-how. Estonia’s successful Tiger Leap project for school informatization is being adapted to a Georgian “Deer Leap” version.169

169 Deer Leap is a national project aimed to support the educational system in Georgia and provide for school connectivity. It is a partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and the Regional Development Agency of Georgia. See http://virtualcampuses.eu/index.php/Deer_Leap_Programme

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