3.1 School connectivity plans

A growing number of countries are elaborating "ICT for education" (ICT4E) policies (Table 3.1). Policy goals regarding digital inclusion need to be translated into a practical plan and concrete action points for connecting schools. Developing a plan is critical to bringing a strategy from the conceptual stage to the practical level. A plan should address who is in charge of coordination and implementation, how to identify the schools that will be connected, funding sources, technologies to be used, and how the connectivity will be sustained. A plan also can align education sector targets with national ICT goals. And it can promote mechanisms to involve all key stakeholders.

Table 3-1: ICT4E Policies


ICT for Education Policy


School connectivity goal [Timetable]


National Policy for New Information and Communication Technologies for Schools (2005)

Ministry of Education

Develop the infrastructure that will permit establishing a connection to access ICTs in all of the national territory, supplying schools, institutions and teacher training centres, technical schools and universities.
[The policy lays out general guidelines but does not specify a timetable for accomplishing the goals]


Policies and Strategies on Information and Communication Technology for Education in Cambodia (2004)

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport

Provide access to ICTs for all teachers and students, especially at the secondary level, ensuring that ICTs are used as an enabler to reduce the digital gap between Cambodian schools and other schools in neighbouring countries. [2004-2010]


ICT Policy for Education (2005)

Minister of Higher Education, Training and Employment Creation; Minister of Basic Education, Sport

All educational sites are to be connected
[Does not propose specific dates but notes: “Any realistic Government strategy for ICT for education will consist of mainly small and low-key initiatives that, if consistently sustained, will lead to comprehensive progress over a 5-10 year period.]

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