The Module on Community ICT Centres for the Social and Economic Empowerment of Women
was drafted by Ms. Nidhi Tandon, Director, Gender Consultant & Trainer, Networked Intelligence
for Development (NID), Toronto, Canada, an independent development consultancy that provides
policy advice and adult-training and know-how on a wide range of human, social and economic
development concerns offering a first-hand understanding of grassroots, small business and
government-level policy planning. NID can be found at

Clara-Luz Alvarez, a partner in the law firm of Villanueva Álvarez y Asociados in Mexico City,
Mexico; Dr. Ghinwa Jalloul, CEO of Technology sarl, Lebanon and former member of the Lebanese
Parliament; and Ned Lawton, Development Consultant, Ned Lawton Ltd., London, were also
contributors to the module.