5.4 Links to reference materials, online toolkits and guides

Connecting the first mile: investigating best practice for ICTs and information sharing for development46

Guidebook on Developing Community eCenters in Rural Areas (Based on Malaysian experience, UNESCAP, NY 2006) http://www.ictregulationtoolkit.org/en/Publication.3372.html

Telecottage handbook: How to establish and run a successful telecenter (June 2006, UNDP Europe and the CIS) http://www.is-watch.net/node/758

Training telecenter managers, staff and users (2001, Commonwealth of Learning, Bill Murray and Cathy Murray Small World Connections, UK Simon Brooks Staffordshire County Council and Training Director, UK Telework, Telecottage and Telecenter Association (TCA) ) http://www.col.org/SiteCollectionDocuments/chapter%2018.pdf

Sustainable Telecenters: Public policy for the Private Sector. (2003, World Bank) http://rru.worldbank.org/Documents/PublicPolicyJournal/251Welle-121302.pdf

ITU/InfoDev ICT Regulation Toolkit (2004) http://www.ictregulationtoolkit.org/en/index.html

46Surmaya Talyarkhan, David J. Grimshaw, Lucky Lowe (Intermediate Technology Development Group – ITDG)

47A practical guide to establishing a telecottage, as well as a valuable source of experiences and lessons learned, this report was prepared by members of the telecottage movement. The Hungarian experience is used as a reference point throughout the report. This publication is intended for ICT professionals, community development practitioners and public administrators who wish to improve social services delivery at a local level, and who recognize that telecottages can be used in service of individual, local and community poverty reduction.