7.3.4 UNICEF’s -1989 United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child

The UN Children’s fund, UNICEF, works for children’s rights, survival, development and protection.188 It is guided by the 1989 Convention of the Rights of the Child. This international Convention contains specific references to the right of children with disabilities to be protected from all forms of discrimination (Article 2). Article 23 indicates that parties to the Convention should promote a life of “dignity,” “self-reliance” and “active participation in the community. “ Assistance should be extended to ensure that children with disabilities receive “education, training, health care services, rehabilitation services, preparation for employment and recreation opportunities” (Article 23 (3)). State Parties are also encouraged to participate in international cooperation to ensure that “information concerning methods of rehabilitation, education and vocational service” are shared in order to build capacity and experiences in these areas. (Article 23 (4)).189

189United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child http://www2.ohchr.org/english/law/pdf/crc.pdf