5.2.3 Certification and ongoing education

Providing certification for course completion attracts participants and is a qualification desired by employers. The types of certification identified in the TASCHA study varied from project to project and were either provided by the telecenters, the local or national educational ministry, or by private companies such as CISCO and Microsoft.

Accessible MCTs based in schools are ideally placed to support cross-over programs for participants to complete formal education. The TASCHA study points out that TVET, and in particular ICT initiatives, serve as a ‘substitute’ for formal education. The following quotation for one respondent captures this potential which should be considered in context of policy development in support of accessible ICT schools:

“I didn’t hope to go to college before I took this course. I only started intending to head to college in this area due to this course. I liked computers, and it seemed like this course ‘fell from the sky’ for me, and I got the idea of going to college to study informatics after going to this course…it changed my thinking, informatics changed it a lot.”
–17 year old Brazilian youth

157TASCHA page 56