4.1.5 Evaluation and monitoring

The policy framework should monitor and evaluate outcomes and the cost-effectiveness of the provision of accessible ICTs. The monitoring of outcomes should incorporate:

  • Outcomes for the individual user – what improved level of access to education has been recorded.;Most popular and successfully used types of AT;
  • Experiences of teachers in incorporating the use of AT into the curriculum; and
  • Level of AT abandonment, if any, and reasons for that abandonment.

The overall cost-benefit analysis of provding accessible ICTs to the inclusive educational agenda within a country should also refer to:

  • Benefits and possibilities of accessible ICTs in enabling persons with disabilities to receive an education and to work in a variety of jobs and professions;
  • Social justice and wide social inclusion goals, empowerment of persons with disabilities through education and job training;
  • Reduction in poverty;
  • Benefits to the economy;
  • Ratification of conventions (UN CRPD and UNICEF);
  • Meeting international policy goals (MDGs and WSIS); and
  • Any relevant regional ICT initiatives.

See more on the wider costs of exclusion.