1.3.5 Summary of accessible ICT obligations

With regard to accessible ICTs, employment and education, the obligations of government officials under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities are:

  • In general, accessible ICTs should facilitate the enjoyment of many other rights, including access to education and employment.
  • Access to ICTs, including the internet, are to be given the same priority as access to buildings and transportation.
  • The universal design of mainstream products and ICTs that are accessible to persons with disabilities are to be promoted through research and the development of appropriate guidelines and standards.
  • Research and development and promotion of new accessible ICTs, including assistive technologies, are to be undertaken with an emphasis on affordable solutions.
  • Professionals and staff working with persons with disabilities should receive training on these rights and how they can be realized. This includes training as appropriate for teachers, educators, care workers and job trainers on how accessible ICTs can be used to provide access to education and job training.