5.3 Tailor-Made Solutions

Throughout this section, we have been able to see the complexity of the actions in ICT development matters, as well as the importance of the social, economic, geographical, political and cultural characteristics of the location, which have to be taken into account in the design of the connectivity policies in isolated and Indigenous areas.

For this reason, under no circumstance can one recommend a model to be imported either from one country to another, or from one community to another. The design of strategies and policies must start with local and national realities, following the recommendations pointed out for the creation of an enabling environment.

Under no circumstance do we consider the recommendations presented as the finished item. It is possible that administrations and communities will find new aspects that must be considered. Thus, the Connect a School-Connect a Community platform is open to the incorporation of their experiences and recommendations, which will allow the continuous improvement of ICT development in rural and Indigenous areas.