4.3.2 Are we heading in the right direction?

  • Were there visits to other access centers or communication projects before the planning or was there a review of any material related to such topics?
  • Do organizers have a basic idea of the ICTs and their possible uses?
  • Is there a plan in which all the groups of the community had inputs in drafting?
  • Do organizers have a clear idea about the communication means existing in the community and what its communication needs are?
  • Is there an idea about the technical and material requirements for the operation of the access center?
  • Is there a clear idea about the operation costs of the center?
  • Is there a clear idea of the actions to be taken for its sustainability?
  • Has anyone composed a list of the institutions and individuals that will be asked to support the different areas identified during the planning?
  • Is there a committee responsible for implementing the plan, as well as timetables and actions identified for each task?