4.2 Organizing

We know very well that no matter how good an idea for a project is, it cannot be done alone. There must always be someone who develops it, someone who takes specific responsibilities. In other words, we need to appoint the people who will be coordinating the project. The communities know very well how to choose such people. They know their talents and they also know their defects. The community leaders know how to create a balanced committee integrated with all of the people who should and who want to be there.

The following elements should be taken into account when selecting the committee that will be in charge of the connectivity project:

a) Continuity: The project will take some time for installation and development, so it is better to have people with roots in the community, who will not leave any time soon.

b) Ability: Within the community, one can find people who have previous experience with ICTs or who can understand the subject more easily, such as children and young people.

c) Inclusion: It is important that those who are in an area related to the project participate in the committee so that everyone’s vision is included and the project can be more easily implemented. The presence of women in the committee is also important, since they will be an important part of the users and managers and they generally have specific activities and projects in the community.

d) Alternation: Many communities have found alternation to be an excellent way of avoiding the concentration of knowledge and experience in just a few people. After a certain period, people switch roles, so that others can learn their skills. As a result, the operation of the project is never at risk because of the absence of one of the members of the committee.

Generally, the committees are created in an assembly so that the elected persons respond to such authority.

Once the people have been chosen, they need a place to work. At this point it is necessary to establish (though it can be changed later on) one or more places where the project is going to be installed. It is convenient to have several options since, throughout the project, the characteristics that the place should have will be revealed. Sometimes the signal is better in some places than in others, or the people have an easier access to one place than to others. These are important factors to consider in locating the access center.

It is very important that all of the agreements mentioned above, and those that continue to be created along the way, are formalized in writing, so that they are available when they need to be reviewed.