3.7.3 Self-evaluation

As mentioned at the beginning of this section, the self-evaluation elements of participation will be more extensive, and unlike those in other sections, there will be one table for each area of participation.

Participation in the Planning. Who plans?
The community is consulted.
The community can decide whether to carry out the project or not.
The project involves members of the community who have the endorsement of the community.
The structures and forms of community organization are considered.
It is a result of a local initiative.
It stems from a need for information and community communication identified by the community.
The planning is carried to the interior of the community.
Participation in the Planning. How to plan?
Knowledge of the local context is obtained from a participatory appraisal.
The community takes decisions in the planning of the project.
The planning process tries to strengthen local capacities.
Participation in the Planning. What aspects are planned with the community?
Needs for information and content production.
Administration and operation of the access center and of the services it will provide.
Assessment is planned with the community
Participation in the operation of the Access Center
The members of the community are involved in the administration of the center.
The members of the community participate in the operation of the center.
The members of the community are involved in monitoring, maintenance and failure reporting.
The members of the community that involve themselves in these aspects have community support.
Participation in the use of the Access Center
Uses are defined by the community according to a participatory appraisal.
All sectors of the community, in particular the most vulnerable ones, are considered and participate in the definition of uses.
Participation in Sustainability
The community defines the sustainability strategies.
Members of the community are involved in various aspects of the operation of the access center.
The community contributes directly, in cash or in kind, to the sustainability of the access center.
There is a long-term sustainability plan.
The community or its delegates participate directly in networks that contribute to its sustainability.
Local resources are used when possible.
Participation in the Evaluation
The community evaluates.
The community defines indicators.
The community is the main target group of the evaluation.
The community can make decisions with regard to the access center, as a result of previous evaluation.
Participation in the Strengthening of Capabilities
The community defines its training needs from an appraisal
The community participates in training networks
The community produces its own training tools
The community produces educational content
Cultural Adoption of the project
The community integrates the project into its life plan
The project respects the social structures and values of the community
The project can be adapted to cultural characteristics