Participation in Capacity-Building

Since this issue has been abundantly addressed in other paragraphs it will not be dwelt upon at this juncture. Nonetheless, community participation in three aspects of capacity-building is essential:

  • The selection of training areas in accordance with the community life plan
  • The formation of groups or committees that will be empowered in order to tend to tasks related to access centers
  • Participation in the strengthening of capacities of other communities and individuals.

The points raised in the preceding paragraph enable us to ensure there is training that is significant for the community and that it occurs in areas where there is real application of work to improve peoples´ quality of life. Secondly, it is important to have groups available that are able to tend to access centers’ minimum technological requirements. Finally, the third element facilitates the creation of capacity-building networks and the development of training content in the communities´ own languages.