3.6.3 Self-Evaluation


Generation of an enabling environment for capacity-building.
A national capacity-building plan exists
The plan includes actors and institutions involved in access centers, local service provision, applications, and research and development.
The plan seeks to strengthen capacities for the areas mentioned both at national and community levels.
Personnel in direct contact with the communities are trained in participatory methods of community development.
Community level training activities are based on an appraisal exercise or community plan.
A committee is formed by participants during community consultations regarding access center implementation.
Groups, organizations or small businesses exist at a local level that can provide maintenance services to the network and the access center.
The local network is connected to other institutions or groups that allow for the strengthening of access center and community level capacities.
Connections to international tele-center networks are fostered and facilitated.
National level installations exist for the exchange of community experiences.
The impact of the programmes, courses and workshops are evaluated against the impact of capacities necessary to achieve the communities´ development objectives.