Preparation to Meet Local Training Plans

It is often thought that capacity-building plans and programmes can be developed into a single structure, or in other words, one unifying programme that can be adopted by every access center. This would take the form of a single curriculum that each access center manager or operator would comply with. In a programme aimed at local capacity-building, however, local training plans will be community-specific, and the organizational structures, the access centers and national structures for capacity-building must be able to respond to local variations.

To achieve this requires linking communities to institutions and training tools, as well as the availability of online content in appropriate indigenous languages and in diverse themes. At the same time, there must be local networks that allow easy access to training based on community needs. The table presented earlier in this section indicates a scale of networks for capacity-building.

Recommended Reading

The recommended bibliography below covers three fundamental aspects of the formation of an appropriate capacity-building program. The first presents an example of national competencies for managers of access centers. The second contains practical information for training in the development of local networks. Chapters 9 and 10 demonstrate important guidance for the formation of community technical committees and the organization of community centers. There is a useful handbook for the organization of access centers, based on a participatory model that, in turn, is based on a needs appraisal that allows for the conclusion of a training plan. Finally, the third publication serves as the source for the section on best practices of this text.

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