Appraisal-Based Training

The appraisal is the basis for prioritizing training needs, but this does not mean that such needs are immutable. New requirements can emerge during the process, but they always must be weighted along with those identified initially.

Moreover, the appraisal provides the basis to measure the impact of the training and assess its results, since it relates to a specific development need. The training is useful only to the extent that the need is satisfied.

Given that we are talking about access centers located in schools in Indigenous communities, it is essential from the outset that the educational results the community will attain are defined, beyond just access to information or computing time for the pupils of the school. The ideal result is for the access center to become a space to create local educational content that contributes to intercultural education in these rural communities.24

24  An example of educational use in this context of ITCs is Quiche Link, an Guatemalan association that generates educational content in the Quiche language http://www.enlacequiche.org/