Start From a Participative Appraisal

Prior to commencing the operation of the access center, the community will need to review its development aspirations and find the place that the access center will occupy in reaching its objectives.23 In the appraisal, the different groups within the community must recognize the usefulness of the digital center and define what objectives they hope it will help them meet. That way, training needs can be identified based on their real value.

It is important that participatory appraisals involve all sections of the community -- and above all the most vulnerable, including women, children, marginalized groups or individuals with disabilities. Every community presents a unique set of such groups and individuals. It is sometimes necessary to carry out specific activities for certain groups, such as women, so that they can feel more at ease working separately. It is important to integrate everyone’s vision into the access center plan.

23 The methodological tools with which to do this are varied and with multiple sources such as 80 Tools for Participatory Development: Geilfus F. (1980) http://www.crid.or.cr/digitalizacion/pdf/spa/doc15788/doc15788-a.pdf.
Another specialized text for telecenters in Indigenous communities is the following manual for participatory workshops: ITC Use for Local Development: Community (Medellín 2006). http://www.slideshare.net/diocesispopayan/manual-taller-participativo-telecentros-1