Staff with Skills and Abilities for Intercultural Community Work

The most repeated problem with the installation of ICT access centers in Indigenous communities is that the people involved in strategy and implementation lack experience in community work. So they often propose programmes from the perspective of outsiders. The errors in building access centers often violate community social structures and come to create real conflicts that ensure the failure of the centers and affect the likelihood of successfully undertaking other collective projects.

The installation of a digital center within an Indigenous community is a political and social event, bringing along with it empowerment that must be appropriately managed, so that it benefits the community as a whole and not just one individual or group. Recent history is replete with many examples of access centers abandoned or destroyed, solely because they lacked a proper participatory process during installation and operation.

In this regard, it is indispensable to set a standard of competency in the training of those responsible for community planning at digital centers, The Philippines does this, representing a best practice for the sustainability of such centers.