Training and availability of means of production

For production purposes, it is essential that Indigenous communities be able to count on trained members of their communities. Indigenous peoples have shown great ability in the management of audiovisual media, and there are extensive examples of films, videos18 and Web pages of excellent quality. It often requires just a little training and the means of production to achieve high quality productions. There are abundant examples of success in this field; sometimes it just requires one training event and the provision of the necessary tools for local communities to begin generating local content. This has been the case with Communicators for People, which can be found at the following website, http://www.originarios.org.ar/.

Moreover, it is essential to train individuals to find manuals and courses in Indigenous languages, as well as audio and video tools that can facilitate the required training, as many Indigenous cultures are oral.

18 Guanaba.Net in Cienega, Baharona, Dominican Republic is an important example on how a rural telecenter can develop contents as a result of training offered and community initiatives http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqdDWvMNmUY . This center is, as well, where the local newspaper El Guanabanero is edited http://el-guanabanero.com/