Appropriate Public Policy

The aspects of public policy that should be included in order to stimulate the promotion of local content programming are varied. Actions should emphasize the need for clear and measurable objectives that must cover the whole cycle of local content development. This means knowing whether the development objectives help fulfill a local content production policy, which can extend from strengthening cultural values of a particular sector to positioning their products in a given market.

In the case of access centers located in schools, some educational activities provide an excellent opportunity for the creation of local content. There have been numerous interesting initiatives within formal and informal education that have been developed from work carried out by children who have produced stories,15 films16 and videos17 that can then be incorporated as educational material.

15 “WordMakers” is a rural education initiative that works with stories created and illustrated by children from rural schools. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYfMyqVhY0g.

16 “Holy Hit” is a multiple awarded short film by Dominique Jonard which was produced with children´s drawings and narrated by Indigenous Chamula children http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYfMyqVhY0g.

17 “Window to My Community”; is a series of educational videos with children from various indigenous communities and cultures present their communities. http://ventana.ilce.edu.mx/