Key elements of an environment conducive to the development of local content

The following elements in the creation of an enabling environment for the development of local programming should be expressed in a plan or national agenda for local or multicultural content.

  • Ensure conditions throughout the cycle of Development of Local Content: All content is part of a cycle, and each part is related to the cycle in its totality. The cycle can be portrayed as follows:


For a better understanding of what is being described, let's look at a hypothetical example based partly on actual experience. In this example, it has been decided to create indigenous video centers in order to train members of Indigenous communities in the production of cinema and video films. However, as it turns out, no movie theaters will project the films, mass media outlets ignore them, or the productions are used without consent, because mechanisms do not exist to ensure copyright enforcement.

As a consequence, investment in this case has little effect, as it impacts narrowly in the exercise of cultural rights and freedom of expression. As a result, actor communities and general society have limited access to the resulting content. In other words, the objective of communication is not met, since broadcasters and recipients are few in number.

For that reason, in designing a national plan to produce local or Indigenous content, action must be taken at all stages of the cycle: training, production, distribution and enforcement of regulations.