3.5 Local Content

Content creation is a topic with various implications. In fact, there is a multiplicity of agreements and studies on the subject of content creation among Indigenous communities. This constitutes a clear demonstration of the importance of content for Indigenous people to exercise their freedom of expression and cultural rights.

In this section, the theme of the content creation will be addressed in two ways: (1) from the perspective of the creation of an enabling environment for the development of content and, (2) from the perspective of what elements should be considered in facilitating the production of content in school-based community access centers located in Indigenous communities.

Before defining the key elements, it should be noted that connectivity planning often leaves out program content. This is like building a road without having any vehicles to travel on it. A national connection plan must be accompanied by a plan to develop content.

It is also necessary for community access center plans, or connectivity through schools, to address this issue, although the need to do so often appears when projects are at a more advanced stage or when the center has been linked to other means of communication, as will be seen at a later point. The production of local programming usually signifies the evolution of community access centers from an information access vehicle to a vehicle of media communication and, while this jump is desirable, it is not easily done.