3.2.3 Evaluation of Regulatory Elements

It may be useful to analyze a given regulatory system using the checklist provided in the chart below. As noted in the previous section, the key elements can be incorporated in various ways into regulatory systems. Therefore, it must be pointed out that some of the questions included on the table below would have no application in some regulatory systems.


Elements included in the regulatory system
Includes provisions on universal service
Includes specific provisions on Indigenous communities' coverage
Includes disaggregated information on coverage in Indigenous communities
Includes a specific program on Indigenous communities' coverage
Establishes spectrum reserves for Indigenous broadcasting
Incorporates state obligations for the promotion and production of local content
Incorporates obligations for broadcasting concessions with respect to Indigenous content
Includes consultation and participation bodies for Indigenous peoples' telecommunications
Includes obligations on consultation and participation in the implementation of projects
Includes a regulatory approach aimed at ICT development in remote areas