3.1 Introduction

In order to create an enabling environment for ICT development, the following areas of work for an appropriate connectivity program have been identified:

  • Regulation -- to provide a conducive, legal framework for the proper functioning of the project. 
  • Technology -- to provide favorable development of appropriate technology in remote areas, so that the technological tools best fit the needs and characteristics of the community.
  • Industry -- to provide an economic environment that allows for the development of upstream services and industries in remote areas that offer affordable and quality services to the access centers.
  • Content -- to construct and implement a series of factors allowing the creation, dissemination and distribution of local content.
  • Capacity-building -- to develop organizational schemes, agents and competencies to ensure that Indigenous communities have the skills needed to incubate, develop and sustain school-based access centers.
  • Participation - to ensure the effectiveness of tasks carried out in all the areas outlined above.

This section will continue to chart a path that touches on all the areas of an enabling environment. The path leads from the national level to the local level and back again. Finally, this section confirms the need to work at all levels in order to attain sustainable networks that contribute to Indigenous peoples' achieving their development objectives.

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