1 ICT Development for Indigenous Peoples

The objective of this module is to provide the main factors that should be considered in implementing a community connectivity program to interconnect schools in Indigenous communities. The approach that this module incorporates is oriented towards creating an enabling environment for ICT development in Indigenous communities.

The module is divided into five chapters. Chapter 1 is an introductory chapter that explains the reason why a module on Indigenous communities is needed, and explains in detail the general structure of it. Chapter 2 shows Indigenous peoples' situations, their needs and aspirations regarding information and communications technologies (ICTs), and how those needs and aspirations have been incorporated into various international agreements and recommendations. Chapter 3 presents the main aspects of a public policy designed to create an enabling environment for the development of ICTs in Indigenous communities. Chapter 4 offers basic organizational guidance that any indigenous community should take into account when designing and implementing a community ICT plan. Finally, Chapter 5 invites readers to reflect on the content of the module, and to contribute with experiences and thoughts on the subject.