3.1.5 Transport

Transport can form a significant part of the costs of providing low-cost computing devices. LCCDs need to be transported from the manufacturing location to the destination country. Each country’s costs for distribution of LCCDs will vary tremendously, depending on the distance from the LCCD manufacturing locations and the breadth of deployment, as well as the shipping method. Once in the country, the LCCDs then must be transported to different schools.

Priorities will dictate whether to use air or surface transportation. The former is more expensive (items are typically priced by weight) but quicker, whereas the latter is less expensive (items typically are priced by volume). There may additional costs if the LCCDs need to be assembled or reassembled once in the country. All of these factors make it difficult to provide a common figure for transport costs.

Transportation problems affect the LCCD program. For example, in the Solomon Islands, laptops could not be distributed to some schools because of logistics, and some teachers could not be briefed on the project because of a lack of fuel to transport them. 98

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