ANNEX 2.5.4 Technology Selection

Technology selection incorporates a number of issues and choices, including:

  • Connectivity options and alternatives,
  • Methods to allow integration of emerging new technologies (m-learning, e-readers, etc.),
  • The infrastructure that will support teaching and learning,
  • How many students will be accommodated at one time (i.e., whether through one-on-one tutoring or computer lab solutions),
  • Whether to procure new or used computers,
  • What software to use (including open-source options),
  • What information or network security measures to adopt, and
  • How to integrate school management software with the learning management system.

There are numerous methods for connecting students, teachers, and schools to the Internet. These comprise solutions ranging from narrowband to broadband and are offered at varying costs. Availability of these technologies depends on what operators can provide, as well as the location. The use of satellite and wireless technologies has enabled some countries to reach marginalized areas or economically disadvantaged groups quicker.

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