How the Toolkit is Organized

The Toolkit of Best Practices and Policy Advice has been designed to share best practices on school connectivity with government decision-makers including national Ministries of Communication, National ICT Regulatory Authorities, Ministries of Education and School Administrators.  

Currently, the Toolkit contains two modules, one on policies and regulations to promote school connectivity and the second is on designing low cost computing device programmes.

In the future the Toolkit will add modules on:

  • Developing Community ICT Centres for Gender Empowerment;
  • Developing Community ICT Centres for social and economic empowerment of indigenous peoples;
  • Using ICTs to promote education and job training for persons with disabilities as well as other topics.

Users can access the modules by clicking on the link to Toolkit of Best Practices and Policy Advice.  Once inside the Toolkit, users will find a list of available modules and can enter any module by clicking on its title.  After entering a given module, the user will find content organized by main content, case studies, reference documents and table of contents.  There is also an option to download a PDF file of the main content and hyperlinks within and between modules.  All core content is being translated and will be available in the six official languages of the ITU:  Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

We solicit your best practices in connecting schools, running community ICT centers and using ICTs for social and economic empowerment. Registered Users can post comments and upload files (Word, Power Point, Video, Audio, etc.) to share their experiences on the topic presented.