Expected Training Materials Users

Who are the Expected Training Material, Applications and Tools Users?

The repository of Training Materials, Applications and Tools has been designed to share practical materials that can be used by connected schools and community ICT centres. Expected users include teachers, local school administrators, education experts, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) running community ICT centres, and other development advocates and trainers.

All training materials, applications and tools are designed either for the education or use of the children who attend connected schools or for the social and economic development of members of the local community using school-based community ICT centres.

All materials are available for free download. Connect a School, Connect a Community requests that any users who further develop, adapt or improve the materials kindly share their work by making them available on this online platform for others to use. Users interested in sharing new or revised materials are invited to contact us at connectaschool@itu.int We hope users will enable us to create a training library and kind of "Apps Store" for social and economic development where everything in the store is free!

ITU has initially populated this section of the Connect a School, Connect a Community online platform with a sample of training materials. We hope users will enrich this section with applications, tools and other kinds of training materials.